Saturday, July 16, 2011

Zombie Outbreak

Zombies in Popular Culture

Any teenager will tell you (in more detail than you might wish) that zombies are "the walking dead!" Gray skinned, slow moving, slow thinking beings with easily removable parts that chant: "Brains, brains, braaaaains!" as they stumble around with their arms held out before them. Teenagers will also tell you that the only way to kill a zombie is to blow its head off, beat in its brain in or cut head its off. Otherwise the parts will keep coming after you! Oh, and they might also happen to mention that zombies are fictional creatures.

Zombies in Survivalist Culture

Within the Survivalist culture the word "zombie" is sometimes used to describe survivors, other than you and yours, (OTYAY pronounced Oy Tay or Oy Tays) who stumble upon your BOL.

On a survival board I once requested a poster stop referring to OTYAYS as zombies because there remain several troubling problems with that misnomer.

• It's already taken.

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• The meaning of the word is already well established in the public's mind and "your neighbors after TEOTWAWKI" ain't in that dictionary.

• Assuming that someone is "coming to take your food" means s/he hasn't done anything yet. There will be a lot of refugees if TEOTWAWKI ever comes. It might be better to lay low and let them wander by without attracting attention to yourself. Besides, killing everyone who wanders into your area of operations could have unintended consequences if you have a dedicated mailman.

Superfluous Survival Tip of the week:

Zombie Joke of the week:

What do zombie plumbers chant?

"Drains, drains, draaaaains!"

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