Monday, March 7, 2011

New Resource Found

One of the advantages of being retired is not having to do a lot of stuff. This leads to lapses in self-discipline which leads to lapses in posting to my blog. I was reminded of that lapse today when I received an email from A with some good advice in conjunction with an article I posted back in December of 2010.

In response to my More Than I Bargained For Blog post A writes:

"I recommend you reconsider rabbits vs chickens. Dual purpose chickens
are a much better option - providing continuous, renewable protein
source daily (eggs), and are also usable in the pot. If you're in the
city, no roosters, but if you're in an area where you can have a
rooster, the flock can be maintained and any unwanted roos can be
dinner. Chickens also provide GREAT compostable manure (like rabbits)
for the garden and thrive on leftovers and freeranging.

Just something to consider if TSHTF."

It's true, you'll likely get a lot more food from a chicken over it's lifetime than you'd get from a rabbit. Also, harvesting the protein from chickens is a lot less messy than harvesting the protein from a rabbit. (Also, eggs are easier to catch ;-)

Now, back to work.

I've Found A New Resource

Backwoods Home Magazine - practical ideas for self-reliant living

Backwoods Home Magazine bills itself as a magazine of "Practical ideas and articles on self-reliant living, your homestead, livestock husbandry, building, alternative energy, gardening, and farming." From what I've seen it lives up to that promise.

But you ask: "What does homesteading and animal husbandry have to do with survival ?"

Well if you're talkin' The Road type TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) type event with the end of civilization, cannibals and zombies probably not too much.

On the other hand if (like me) you're thinkin' we're headed for a series of WTSHTF (When The $#!t Hits The Fan) events that'll erode our ability to feed and clothe our families then methinks Backwoods Home Magazine would be of interest to you as you struggle to find alternative sources for basic necessities.

While it is by no means a "Survivalist Magazine" each issue is filled with articles that bear upon self-sufficiency in rural, suburban and even urban environments.

Although many past articles are available online I recently subscribed to the paper edition so as to have access to all the articles and to have printed versions in case the Internet becomes unavailable for some reason.

In the first dead tree issue I found articles on Propagating plants and the second article of a series on LED Lighting (mostly flashlights) which would be of interest to just about anyone. (The first article of the series is also available ) As you can see both those published articles are online too.

When seconds mean life or death the police are only minutes away.
-- John Connor

When seconds mean life or death you are the police.
-- Desert Dave

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