Friday, November 5, 2010

Can You Trust THE MAN?

Recently on one of the Survival Boards I frequent a new poster (let's call him Juan) asked whether we "peons" would be able to trust the man in a time of "chaos". First off let's define "chaos" for the purposes of this discussion.

There are three types of "chaos" we're talking about here:

1. Short term local disaster such as an earthquake, forest fire or very large explosion perhaps involving toxic materials and maybe involving evacuation.

2. Medium term regional disaster in which the infrastructure is overwhelmed such as occurred with Hurricane Katrina.

3. Long term True TEOTWAWKI such as continental or world wide disaster as would occur during and after WWIII, a world wide famine or a sudden and drastic reduction in the world's oil supply. (See the DVD or read The Death of Grass if you can find a copy.)

Juan wrote:
I have current and former cops as neighbors in semi-rural subdivision. The one is avid hunter and outdoorsman type but works for sheriff of major metro area. He's a good neighbor and lend us other a hand from time to time, but I've been trying to suss him out as to which side he is on, as it were. I mean, when the fit hits the shan is he going to do his master's bidding or is he gonna side with the peon?

First off I'd take issue with your basic assumption i.e. that your "peon" goals will be all that different from the goals of your local government. When you stop and think about it you and "THE MAN" pretty much share the same goals (e.g. safety/stability/order & protection). As long as federal, state & local governments exist I expect you'll be looking to them for help and protection.

In a type one chaos your sheriff neighbor will be in near constant contact with his supervisors and can be expected to perform his duties as he was trained to do because outside help is on the way!

Previously, he mentioned something about if it hits the fan come on over b/c "I'll have us covered", implying he has some type of bunker and/or provisions to weather the chaos. Sounds good, and since he carries and uses his gun in his line of work, I assume he knows what he's doing.

In a type two chaos your sheriff neighbor will often be on his own without supervision, but with the sure and certain knowledge that order will be restored and he will eventually be held accountable for his actions. He can be expected to perform his duties but with some leeway because outside help is on the way, but will be delayed!

Regarding his apparently casual offer to you: How much of his food & water do you think he'll be willing to share with you over an extended period of time? 50%? 20%? "The Lord helps them what helps themselves" as some Hillbilly once put it. Would you accept his invitation to dinner and not show up with a bottle of wine, a dessert or something? Bringing a goodly supply your own foodstuffs and an offer to help with security would likely encourage a heartier welcome.

Basically, how do you know if you can really trust someone who is hooked into the system, like the police, sheriff, etc.? Maybe I should just right out and ask him point blank? Any thoughts?

In a long term, type three, scenario the situation changes dramatically, but it will take a while for the realization to set in. Different people with access to information at different levels will come to the conclusion that the government ISN'T coming to reestablish law & order in different timeframes.

The general public (you) will still be hearing "public service announcements" about boiling water and remaining calm while your sheriff neighbor may well be hearing a different story at headquarters; a good reason to stay in contact with him during a crisis.

However, up until he realizes (emotionally and intellectually) that his paycheck and pension went up in smoke along with the government you'll probably not hear him say anything that would jeopardize the aforementioned rice bowls.

At the point of TEOTWAWKI epiphany when THE Sheriff realizes he and his men are the only government he may decide to form his own fiefdom using the former public servant deputy sheriffs as soldiers – think Sheriff of Nottingham.

As the realization that orders, support & money will no longer be coming from on high people will begin to realize that FLU23B* no longer includes repercussions from higher authorities.

*Every organism from the lowly ameba to the smartest human does that which it perceives to be in its own best interest.
-- Desert Dave -- (Quotation, with attribution, permitted and encouraged.)

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