Saturday, April 10, 2010

Prepper vs. Survivalist (a bit of humor)

I found some of these on survivalist web sites and made up a few. If you have any you'd like to contribute there's a link at the bottom of this article.

A Prepper has a SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle)
A Survivalist has a BOV (Bug Out Vehicle)

A Prepper can peel a potato.
A Survivalist can skin a beaver.

A Prepper has a GPS
A Survivalist has a compass.

A Prepper keeps extra food in a spare room.
A Survivalist keeps a year's worth of food plus heirloom seeds in a bunker.

A Prepper has a weapon for each member of the household.
A Survivalist has an arsenal for each member of the household, plus spares.

A Prepper saves restaurant matchbooks and Bic lighters.
A Survivalist can make fire rubbing sticks together, with flint & steel, with a bow drill & board, magnesium & knife, bottom of an aluminum can, magnifying glass ...

A Prepper has a Swiss Army knife and a complete set of kitchen knives.
A Survivalist lists: a Bowie knife, a dagger, a skinning knife, three throwing knives, a Swiss Army knife, a boning knife, a Fillet Knife, a combat knife, a survival knife, a Machete, a Leatherman, a tomahawk, a meat cleaver, an ax, a hatchet, a samurai sword, a dozen folders with blades over six inches and asks: "Do ninja nail clippers count?

A Prepper has a pet named Fluffy.
A Survivalist has mobile reserve protein source named Rex.

A Prepper has a gas powered generator and five gallons of fuel for emergency power.
A Survivalist has two propane powered generators (one for backup) and a full 500 gallon propane tank in the backyard.

A Prepper has a solar oven.
A Survivalist has a wood burning stove.

A Prepper has matching luggage.
A Survivalist has matching (camo) BOBs (Bug Out Bags)

A Prepper has a mouse trap.
A Survivalist has 22 gauge wire for snares.

A Prepper has a rat trap.
A Survivalist has conibear traps.

A Prepper's idea of food with a long shelf life is a case of Twinkies.
A Survivalist's idea of food with a long shelf life is a case of MREs.

A Prepper has a wine cellar.
A Survivalist has beer in a bunker.

A Prepper has a sun porch.
A Survivalist has an armory.

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